Programs / Training

All individuals participating in our program are required to maintain a 2.3 GPA importantly, all participants are required to have a positive attitude, be hard workers, and be dedicated to improving themselves both physically and mentally.

The majority of our programs take place as an afterschool program from approximately 4pm until 10pm Mon. -Thursday and 11am until 2pm Sat. – Sun. We offer multiple sessions each day with the average session lasting for 1.5 to 2 hours. Student athletes who live closest to our facility will participate in the earlier sessions. Participants who live farther away will take part in the later sessions in an effort to give them sufficient time to get to our facility following the conclusion of their school day.

The program sessions are conducted in large groups of 15 to 30. Within this group there will be multiple activities taking place in an effort to minimize down time and maximize the results of each participant. The program will focus on developing and improving each participants speed, strength, and conditioning. Along with eating habits. We will accomplish these goals through a variety of specially designed workout regiments that are designed by Sean Washington.

In addition to our physical training, we also be address the academic needs of our participants through our study hall. This study hall will take place following the physical training component of our program. Participation in this aspect of the program is strongly encouraged but will not be mandatory, unless the participant is struggling academically. Most of our tutors are volunteer high school students.

In order to remain in our program, all participants must remain in compliance with the rules and regulations of the organization. Participants are also required to maintain good grades (2.3 minimum) and not have any attendance or behavioral problems at school. All participants will also need to conduct themselves in a professional and respectful manner at all times.